Virobuild provides unprecedented product range, value, and creating a one stop shopping solution for the global tropical resort and theme park market. All Virobuild products are 100% recyclable, pest and insect free, and all-weather resistance. They are natural looks and offer custom capabilities.

The products are made of new developed material of HDPE which is 100% recyclable, pest free and water proof, and non-toxic. Highly customizable, Viro’s signature all-weather fiber products are used by top designers and architects worldwide. Founded by Junus Sumardi in the early 1980s the family run company is based in Indonesia, with factories in Indonesia.

Viro understands energy efficiency and the environmental impact of their products. The fibers are made from HDPE instead of PVC. This choice is significant because while PVC is less expensive, there is a caustic problem associated with PVC at the end of the product lifecycle. When PVC is burned, it breaks down to toxins such as dioxin and hydrochloric acid. The by-product of HDPE, is similar to what is produced by burning a candle, CO2 and H2O.